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What is PseudoRESTAPI?

PseudoRESTAPI is a hassle-free way to create fake RESTful endpoints, no coding required. Think of it this way: you're a developer itching to test a cool new feature in your app, but diving into server stuff isn't your jam right now. No problem!

With PseudoRESTAPI, you can avoid the headache of faking fetch requests or crafting fake endpoints. It's like magic for testing. Just log in, give your model a name, cook up some fake data, and boom – you've got a fake server.

Why PseudoRESTAPI?

  • Easy Peasy: No need to be a coding wizard. Our platform is designed for everyone, from coding ninjas to beginners.
  • Speedy Testing: Test your ideas in a snap. PseudoRESTAPI lets you focus on your app without sweating the server stuff.
  • Model Magic: Just log in, name your model, and whip up some fake data. PseudoRESTAPI makes fake servers a breeze.

Ready to dive in? You can begin by reading the Getting Started.